Connected Home Webinar

Welcome to the first ECCN Webinar of 2018! This month, it's all about Connected Home Products. Connected Home technologies are offering consumers increased security, convenience, and management of their devices throughout their homes. In order to help you, our ECCN Contractor, get started with this growing market, Eaton is launching new products for use in residential applications.

Join us for a webinar training, led by our product experts, to learn more about Eaton's Connected Lighting and Connected Wiring Device product offerings. Here's what we'll cover in our webinar:

Connected Home: Markets, Data & Trends

Eaton's Connected Wiring Devices:
• Home Automation Hub & Apps
• Eaton's Z-Wave Wireless Collection
• Eaton's Anyplace Switch
• Upcoming New Products

Eaton's Halo Home Bluetooth Connected Lighting System:
• RL Downlights
• Outdoor Flood Light
• Anyplace Bluetooth Dimmer Switch
• Upcoming New Products

How-to & Marketing Resources

For additional Wiring Device product questions, please contact:
Advait Katarki
Phone: 770-632-2223

For additional Lighting product questions, please contact:
Bill Johnson
Phone: 770-486-3020

For Technical Support, Contact:
Eaton Care at 1-866-853-4293

ECCN members have access to ECCN-exclusive webinars each and every month.  The live webinar is hosted by an Eaton expert and includes a question & answer time at the end.  Additionally, all webinars and a printable workbook are archived for future reference.